MISSION IGNITION Booster Tip (Integrated) [For Billet Box/AIO]

$65.00 $75.00


BOOSTER TIPS is totally brand new, and the successor to our popular MISSION TIPS that took over two years ago!

BOOSTER TIPS gives you airflow bore customizations like the MISSION TIPS but with more options for customization and functionality.

BOOSTER TIP features:

– Customizable midpiece and tip (tons of color variations)
– More colors and materials, no more Teflon
– Updated threading
– Updated base without a bottom O-ring to reduce connectivity issues
– Lock locators for the base which allows you to tighten your tip better with the mid-piece. Alternatively, there are coin slots to further tighten your tip if you wish.
– 4.5mm bore without reducers, comes with 3MM, 2MM and 1.5 MM AF configurations.