Velvet Vape - "Nautilink" Billet Box bridge for Aspire Nautilus & Triton Mini Coils



Nautilink by Velvet Vape
The Nautilink by Velvet Vape (Vape Land) is a bridge that allows users to use Aspire Nautilus & Triton Mini coils in their Boro Tank for use in their Billet Box and other Boro Tank compatible devices such as the delro or Noob Box.

Designed and manufactured by Atmizone / Atmizoo (makers of the VapeShell RBA and Tripod RTA), the Nautilink ensures you will get the most out of your Boro Tank and coils via it's optimized chimney geometry and design.

The tapered outer diameter reduction of the chimney allows for greater Boro Tank capacity of 6.0 mL of liquid, with coil placement low in the Boro Tank, attention to detail, reasonable pricing, and all wrapped up in a well-designed bridge concept for some of the best restricted direct lung and MTL factory coils on the market.

Made of SS316 stainless steel.

Note: Photos shown with Nautilus coil and Boro Tank for demonstration purposes only. This sale does NOT include the Nautilus coil nor the Boro Tank.

See our selection of available >> Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coils << for use with the Nautilink!

Material: SS316 Stainless Steel
Capacity: 6.0 mL
Perfect chamber geometry for optimal vaporization and enhanced flavour
3.5mm chimney bore