Armor Mods - Armor C4 Boro Mod, DNA60 18650



Armor C4 Boro Mod by Armor Mods
The Armor C4 by Armor Mods is a DNA60 powered 18650 mod, utilizing Boro tanks in a full aluminum construction and unique customizable design.

Hidden USB-C port for data programming of the Evolv DNA60 board via Escribe software.

Utilizes a standard Billet Box threaded mouthpiece/grounding adapter. Use the included flush adapter to mount any standard 510 drip tip, or the Armor AIT for an integrated thread drip tip for a matched setup (as shown in photos), or any other Billet Box-threaded connector or hybrid integrated drip tip.

Note: Photos shown with AMBB RBA, AMBB DLC Cap/Chimney Set, and AIT Drip Tip are for demonstration purposes only, and are NOT included in this sale. This sales listing is only for the Armor C4 mod which includes one black Bunker Boro Replacement Tank.

Armor C4 Package Includes:
Armor C4 Boro Mod
Panel Set
18650 battery configuration
Black Armor Bunker
Armor Wide Bore Flush Nut 510 Adapter