Handmade Twisted Messes NI80 TMN80 Alien 2pcs/box




An Alien usually referred to as an Alien Clapton, is a de-cored Clapton, wrapped with tripple parallel wires. It is similar to a fused Clapton, except the outer wrap has a very distinct texture. Aliens have a slower ramp-up time than fused Claptons due to their larger surface area. 

The textured outer wrap is achieved by building a regular Clapton, then carefully removing the inner core. Then, it’s wrapped around a multi-strand core containing the same gauge as the original core that was removed.

Compare to the KA1, SS316L and Normal NI80 Alien coils, the TMN80 Alien coils is much brighter , with more decent flavor taste and longer life span. 

Material: TMN80

Package include:

1 pcs of cotton

2 pcs of TMN80 coils

Item Specifications
Wire Configurations ID
Resistance for dual coils
TMN Ni80
3-27/37 3 0.13Ω
3-28/36 2.5 0.14
3-28/36 3 0.17Ω

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