SS Mesh 3pk 2in x 2in (Marine Grade)



Used primarily for genesis style atomizers. Because it’s conductive it’s not recommended for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers. This wick lasts a longggggg time. It requires you to oxidize it with a torch (heat it up!) but it really brings out crisp flavors. Does very well with thicker tobacco/ heavy cream juice, but it’s really good for fruit flavored e-juices (in my opinion).

This wick also doesn’t combust if too dry, however the taste of dry stainless steel mesh is terrible. Stainless steel mesh comes in different thread counts (generally 350,400,500) and the higher PG ratio juice (70PG/30VG) works best with higher thread counts. Higher VG ratios work best with lower thread counts.

People often also wrap stainless steel mesh wicks around cotton, or thread ekowool around it. Mixing the wicks in this way allows it to quickly wick juice for high amperage vaping. Stainless steel mesh also needs to be wrapped onto, but has lasted longer than some coil builds in my experience.

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