GM Premade Coils



Description: Aliens are great for flavor because they have spaces on the edges to retain e-juice inside and when heated up they pop with flavor. They work best on a mechanical mod because of their super sub ohms.  

*WARNING* *These coils are SUPER SUB OHM, be careful using them in an unregulated device and please make sure you are using good batteries with a high amp limit* 

    This is one of my top selling and most popular coils because they give amazing flavor on both mechanical mods and regulated devices. They have a large surface area to give great flavor also because they are 3mm they fit on most atomizers.

    Dragon Scale Alien Small - 0.11 - 2.5mm
    Dragon Scale Alien Medium - 0.15 - 3.0mm
    Dragon Scale Alien Large - 0.18 - 3.5mm
    Alien Small - 0.13 - 2.5mm
    Alien Medium - 0.22 - 3.0mm
    Alien Large - 0.20 - 3.5mm
    Alien MTL - 0.4 - 2.0mm