Kanger™ Evod USB Charger for eGo 510/510 Cart Thread Devices with overcharge protection



The Kangertech Evod USB charger is a high quality device with overcharge protection that will properly charge your 510 threaded battery. The 510 charger will charge all Evod batteries except the  Evod USB Passthrough battery (this battery must be charged using the USB port at the bottom). If your battery has a USB port refer to the manufacturer instructions, because more than likely it has to be charged through the USB port. Most batteries that have a USB port and a 510 thread connection should be charged through the USB port.

510 Evod USB Charger Features:

    Input: DC 5V
    Output: DC 4.2V, 400mAh
    Overcharge protection: the charger will stop charging once the battery is fully charged and the light will turn steady green.
    Can be used with all EVOD batteries (except the Evod USB Passthrough)
    Can be used with most vape and CBD batteries that have a 510 thread.
    Cable Lenght: 1 foot

Package Contents:

    1 x USB charging cable

Charger Operation:

    When the charger is connected to a power source (your computer, an AC USB adaptor or any other USB power source) the light will turn green.
    Screw the top of the battery (the 510 thread) to the charger.
    The logo will light to indicate:(green/red) blinking light= charging or (green) light steady= charged
    If the light stays green after connecting a discharged battery to the charger, it could mean there is no contact between the charger and the inside of the 510 pin inside the battery thread due to the battery pin being pushed inside. Most of the times, this can be easily fixed by gently pulling the inside pin of the battery. For more details, please read: Fixing an Ego or 510 Battery
    This charger has over-charge protection. It will stop charging the battery once it is charged and you should see a green steady light.
    The time it takes to charge the battery will depend on the battery capacity and the power source you are using to connect the charger.