What if I told you that you could increase the amount of time that your flower lasts with one small addition to your DynaVap tip? The Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter is useful to any DynaVap owner who wants to increase the efficiency of their device.   

Designed by Sneaky Pete and manufactured by DynaVap, you’re receiving an adapter produced with the high level of precision and quality DynaVap is known for. The pure titanium Half-Bowl Converter turns any DynaVap tip with an adjust-a-bowl into the perfect half-bowl setup.  

While the stock adjust-a-bowls are great, getting your CCD perfectly placed and locked into the half-bowl setting can be time consuming and difficult. You also need a pristine CCD to have the best chance of adjusting your bowl. The Converter quashes all these issues. Just pop in the Half-Bowl Converter and your CCD will easily snap into place. It takes seconds and there is no chance of it coming out until you want it to. Although the Converter fits snug, it's super easy to remove it for cleaning or if you want to switch back to a full bowl setup.

The half-bowl position provides better flavour and efficiency as you’ll more thoroughly consume your material. On top of that, you’ll be rotating your material in and out more often, resulting in more green/fresh hits. The Half-Bowl Converter also adds thermal mass to the DynaVap tip which can produce a more complete extraction from a single hit. During in-house tests, we were seeing the biggest DynaVap hits that we’d ever produced. A nice side-effect, for sure. 

The Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter works with induction heaters or a torch and is a super inexpensive accessory that will pay for itself quickly. Get more bang for your buck and enjoy your flower longer with the Half-Bowl Converter.