Compatible with Yocan Regen Coils

Magnetic Connection Between the Atomizer Tube and Base
No more sticky threads to screw on or off! Introducing the Evolve Plus XL – a modern vaporizer design with magnetic connection between atomizer tube and base, saving you time. The Evolve Plus XL is an evolution in vaping – improving the ways that a vaporizer is used every day.

QUAD Technology Coil
Made for giant hits and clouds, the Evolve Plus XL features unique QUAD coil technology by using 4 quartz rods in the coil. Perfect for the cloud chaser enthusiast.

The coil comes with the convenient coil cap which prevents messy leaks.

Adjustable Airflow
The adjustable airflow valve lets you customize and control the amount of vapor being inhaled to optimize your experience. Meet the demands of any user whether you’re new or experienced. You get to choose how you want your vaporizer to hit.

Detachable Hanging Ring
The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is the first vaporizer pen that comes equipped with a hanging ring and lanyard. The hanging ring and lanyard keep your device safe and secure, while providing the quick accessibility you need day or night. Keep your pen within reach all the times. No more losing it, sitting on it or forgetting it!

1400mAh Battery with USB Charging Port
The Evolve Plus XL comes with a strong 1400mAh battery. The battery will power up for a long period of time so you can use it time after time without charging. Perfect for those cloud chasers as it puts out a lot of power to meet your vaping needs.

Comes with micro USB charging for ultra convenience.

New Luminous Colour – Everyone is Born to be Unique
Amazing Glow in the Dark option!

(In order to have the best glow in the dark effect, you need to have the device absorb some sunlight first.)

Compact and Portable
The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is compact and discreet. Conveniently fits in the palm of your hand. A true pocket-friendly vaporizer pen!

Detachable Built-In Dual Conpartment Silicone Jar
The Evolve Plus XL features a detachable, built in dual compartment silicone jar at the bottom of the battery. Store your materials conveniently and discreetly. The dual compartment is great for all your vaping needs, store multiple flavours of your concentrates. The silicone container is easy to clean.

Dab Tool
The Yocan Dab Tool is a dual functioning instrument for your dabbing needs.

Package Contents:
(1) Yocan Evolve Plus XL Atomizer
(1) 1400 mAh Battery
(1) Dab tool
(1) Lanyard
(1) Micro USB cable
(1) Spare Quad Quartz Technology Coil
(1) Hanging Ring