AVS 10 Pack Oct-Core Fused Clapton Coil 316L SS (32gx8/37g)

$20.00 $35.00


316L SS Oct Core Fused Clapton, Eight parallel small gauge core wires with a clapton overwrap. Increasing multiple small cores increases surface area while maintaining quick ramp and cooldown. This is a very high performance wire that falls somewhere between the 30g hex core wire and a staple. This coil's eight side-by-side cores gives the wire a much wider appearance and improved performance characteristics over a smaller number of larger cores as in a fused clapton or as in a single core clapton wire. 

Resistance Chart

Wraps / Inner Diameter 3.0mm ID 3.5mm ID 4.0mm ID

5 wraps

0.194Ώ 0.216Ώ  0.239Ώ

6 wraps

0.230Ώ 0.257Ώ  0.284Ώ

7 wraps

0.265Ώ 0.297Ώ 0.329Ώ


NOTE: These resistances are approximations only and are given as single-coil builds. To determine the resistance of a dual coil build, divide the given ohms in half.

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