Cthulhu Tube MOD w/ 40 Fuse Mosfet Chip *x2pc Updated v2 Mosfet included*



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The Cthulhu Tube MOD is a safer and powerful semi-mechanical mod from Cthulhu with advanced Dual MOSFET chip and short circuit protection. Compatible with single 18650/ 18350 battery, the Cthulhu Tube MOD is definitely a simple yet elegant tube MOD.


Product Introduction

Glad to introduce the Cthulhu Tube MOD, a new elegant yet powerful semi-mechanical mod from Cthulhu company. The Tube MOD from Cthulhu comes with 24mm diameter and 80mm(18650 mode)/50mm(18350 mode) height. Adopting the advanced Dual MOSFET chip, the Cthulhu Tube MOD supports 0.1ohm resistance and max 40A current with reverse battery protection and short circuit protection which is safer and simple to use! Moreover, the Cthulhu Tube MOD is compatible with single 18650 battery or 18350 battery and could be used with 22mm/24mm atomizers. Plus the insulators, easy side button design, two vent holes on the battery positive side and lighter weight, the Cthulhu Tube MOD is absolutely a safer and great tube mod for vapers!


Height: 80mm(18650 mode)/50mm(18350 mode)
Diameter: 24mm
Battery: 1 x 18650/ 18350 (not included)
Type: Semi-mechanical tube mod
Chip: Dual MOSFET chip
Thread: 510 Thread

Simple yet powerful semi-mechanical mod
Powered by single 18650/18350 battery
Advanced Dual MOSFET chip
Reverse battery protection and short circuit protection
Easy side button design
High quality insulators for safe use
Two vent holes close to the battery positive side
Compatible with 22mm/24mm atomizers

It comes with

1 x Cthulhu Tube MOD
1 x User Manual
Spare Parts


Some long 510 positive pin atomizers might bent Cthulhu tube contacting shrapnel out.

How to fix it?

Step 1. unscrew the screw on the chip, and take the chip off.

Step 2. using a flat-blade screwdriver or a knife to move 
contacting shrapnel to be parallel. Please do not move it too much!!  

The shrapnel is made by thick beryllium copper to support higher current.

Moving it too much might cause metal fatigue and damage it.

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