It seems like anything coming from the team at asMODus becomes an instant hit with the staff at Vapor Range, and that trend continues with the all-new C4 LP BF RDA. A unique design the like's of which we have never seen before, the C4 is intended to deliver an explosion of flavor, and passes that test with flying colors. An atomizer composed of only the most premium of materials, with a 304 stainless steel base and 6063 anodized aluminum top cap ensuring that the C4 will provide an unparalled vaping experience that will last you a lifetime. Central to this beautiful beast of an atomizer is the unique dual post build deck whose layout makes for an arrangement that caters to a massively flavorful experience, with the single coil installed in between the large posts that act to reduce the size of the chamber to condense the vapor produced inside the RDA, but that is just the start of the design elements that make the C4 RDA truly one of a kind. Unique to this petite powerouse is an airflow like no other, taking the standard duul adjustable airflow and transforming it into a captivating method of air control that uses 9 individual airflow inlets machined at a subtle 25º angle in order to create a cyclonic current within the chamber, enlongating the amount of time the air takes to travel through the atomizer, allowing for more contact with the single heating element in order to produce a more intense, rich flavor as well as increasing the total volume of vapor produced to a level that puts other low-profile single-coil RDAs to shame. While this first of its kind airflow already creates a flavor that stands out on its own, the domed top cap condenses the vapor to enhance the already dense flavor to a degree that can only be described as heavenly. The build deck itself is finished with a layer of 24K gold-plating, maximizing conductivity as well as providing an elegant accent that adds a bit of flair to this petite powerhouse while at the same time granting an slightly textured surface that reduces the chance of the barrel popping off if the C4 happens to be dropped or otherwise suffer a sudden impact. A locking airflow design first implemented in the Nefarius RDTA makes its return with the C4 RDA, making use of notches machined into the base that interlock with matching protrusions on the barrel to enusure that the airflow is always properly aligned with the coil, ensuring optimal performance without the need to carefully position the cap onto the deck. asMODus have taken this same approach of ensuring optimal positioning and applied it to the process of installing the coil by incorporating shallow grooves into the walls of the juice well that are intended to guide the rod used to install the coil into the perfect position for optimal vapor and flavor production. Just like the Fonte BF RDA, the C4's juice well features a subtle concave shape that direct juice towards the wick, ensuring efficient wicking that minimizes the risk of a dry hit when used in conjunction with the included juice splitting BF pin asMODus have thoughtfully designed in order to guarantee the juice fed from the squonker device of your choosing is fed to either side of the juice well evenly. Completing this amazing little package are a hybrid acrylic and stab wood 810 drip tip and a snub nosed wide bore Delrin 810 drip tip, giving the end user two choices to match their preference. Sure to make an impact on the market due to the explosive amount of performance packed into this low profile piece of hardware, the asMODus C4 BF RDA is an atomizer in a class of its own.

  • 24mm diameter
  • Low-profile
  • Optimized for single coil configurations
  • 304 stainless steel and 6063 anodized aluminum construction
  • Two-post, two terminal build deck
  • 24K gold-plated deck
  • Domed top cap
  • Dual adjustable cyclonic 9 inlet airflow design
  • Locking outer barrel mechanism ensures proper alignment of the airflow
  • Coil alignment slots ensure perfect positioning of the coil
  • Concave juice well
  • Included gold-plated 510 and juice splitting BF 510 pin
  • 810 hybrid acrylic and stab wood drip tip
  • 810 wide bore snub nosed Delrin drip tip
  • 510 connection

  • 1x asMODus C4 BF LP RDA
  • 2x Oni pre-built 0.2 ohm triple core fused clapton coil
  • 2x Allen key
  • 1x Gold-plated 510 pin
  • 1x Gold-plated juice splitting BF 510 pin
  • 1x Acrylic and stab wood 810 drip tip
  • 1x Delrin snub-nosed wide bore 810 drip tip
  • 1x Spare parts bag
  • 1x User manual


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