Authentic CCell TH2 Oil Glass Cartridge [TH210 1ml]

$7.75 $9.00


Designed for Distillates/Oils, not for Nicotine E-Juice/E-Liquid.

The TH2 Atomizer uses an industry leading ceramic atomizer design that provides incredible efficiency and surprising performance!  These atomizers provide superior performance when compared to a cotton or silica wick system, and the top can be removed for easy refilling while still retaining its leak-proof design.  The ceramic works better to absorb even thick oils, so this system is a step ahead in both vapour performance and oil efficiency.

Key Features:

  • available in 1ml
  • available in Ceramic Mouthpiee
  • leak-proof design means you can rest assured carrying these in your pocket or bag
  • glass tank with ceramic atomizer
  • 510 universal threaded
  • ceramic atomizer provides segment-leading performance and works with a variety of consistencies 
  • refillable design, we don't recommend refilling atomizers more than a few times, though some users go much longer
  • ultra-efficient use of your oil, very smooth vapour, a joy to use

*Not intended to use with nicotine e-juice*