BelugaVape - "Le Blouson" Leather Sleeve for Vaponaute's La Petite Box



Le Blouson by Belugavape, for La Petite Box by Vaponaute

Le Blouson is designed to be a snug fit to La Petite Box, and may require some gentle kneading and massaging to stretch the main flap to size to fit your particular La Petite Box unit. When first using with your La Petite Box, remove your atomizer but keep a battery inserted. Attach Le Blouson and see if any of the buttons get activated when the main flap is closed. If buttons get pressed, stretch the flap by gently massaging and kneading the case towards the button to give room to the buttons. The leather may need a day or two of kneading like this to properly stretch it to your particular La Petite Box for a perfect and exact fit.


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