Boosted Pods [Synthetic Nicotine] [Stlth Compatible] ***DISCONTINUED, NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION***



Boosted Pods, featuring some of the best flavours our industry has to offer. Fine-tuned to perfection. 3 S-compatible pods are included in every pack. Each pod offers enhanced airflow and a leak-resistant design. 

Boosted Nicotine is designed differently from traditional nicotine and salt nicotine solutions. Using advanced extraction techniques we were able to extract nicotine from the base of the tobacco leaf (where the majority of the proteins of the plant are stored), resulting in a purer, smoother nicotine.

This means that Boosted Nicotine allows the user to feel an increased level of satisfaction using less nicotine. This works wonders for customers who are restricted to certain levels of nicotine, allowing them to achieve a similar feeling to a 50mg/mL Salt with a 20mg/mL Boosted Nicotine option.

2.0mL of e-liquid per cartridge.

Package Contents: x3 pcs 2ml Pod/Pack