CCELL Go Stik 510 Vaporizer Battery 280mAh [For 510 Carts]



Go Stik Power, Portability, and Style That StiksOut
2x Temp Settings,2x Satisfaction
Customize your experience and discover the perfect balance of flavor and strength in every inhale! Easily switch between 'Flavor' and 'Potency' modes using the intuitive slide switch. Enjoy the best flavors your favorite oil has to offer at a lower temperature or slide up to a higher temperature for more powerful hits!2.8V(For truer-to-taste flavor),3.2V(For larger, more potent clouds)

Embrace Stability,Enjoy Securely
Designed for true peace of mind, Go Stikshowcases an exceptional anti-slip design combining an ergonomic shape with a matte finish that safeguards against rolls, slips, and falls from surfaces. Worry no longer about your vape rolling off the table and breaking!

The Perfect Cartridge Companion
Compatible with a wide range of cartridge options, Go Stikwas designed to suit any preference! Whether you are a fan of smaller cartridges or love all things large, screw your favorite cartridge onto Go Stikand indulge in its seamless blend of style and functionality!

Embrace Ease, Inhale Serenity
Experience the ultimate in effortless vaping with Go Stik. Featuring advanced draw-to-activate technology, Go Stikeliminates the need for button taps, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience every time. Simply inhale, and Go Stikinstantly responds, transforming your favorite oil into rich, smooth vapor bursting with flavor!

Standard 510 thread
Battery capacity: 280mAh
Dimensions:91.5H x 20W x 15.2D (mm) 3.6H x 0.79W x 0.6D (in)
2 temperature settings via slide switch (2.8/3.2V)
Ergonomic, anti-slip body design
Compatible with 510 cartridges of any size
Inhale activated
USB-C charging
Available for customization

Each set contain:
1pc Go Stik Battery
1pc USB C Cable
1pc User Manual