DabCap V2



The DabCap V2 is a super versatile vape to rig adapter made from food-grade silicone. The DabCap V2 will allow you to use your favorite cartridge vaporizer or many other devices with your favorite water tool - any size joint, male or female!  

The tapered design will allow the DabCap V2 to work with any standard sized water tool that you own, while the other side has purpose-built cutouts for all of the most popular cartridge vaporizer mouthpieces. Being made from flexible food-grade silicone, the inputs can stretch to fit slight variations of the cutout size, meaning this is a perfect tool to work with a DynaVap or many other vaporizers!

Key Features:

    - Works with male or female water pieces
    - Works with 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm sizes
    - Flexible food grade silicone can gently stretch to accommodate various sizes
    - Ultra versatile water pipe adapter


    *Works with Shell-shock/Tectonic Stem by BB Vapes Brvnd*

    *Only DabCap incl. Stem/Rig in pic not incl.*