Dee Mods BB ‘Bullet’ Bridge



Buy Dee Mods EVO Bullet Coils.




The BB Bridge has an integrated air flow control (AFC) ring made of PEEK, allowing users to achieve a full range of air flow options, from a very tight mouth-to-lung draw, all the way open for a restricted direct lung hit.

The 0.5 Ohm "Bullet Coil" is rated to be used between 16 and 21 Watts of power. Break-in the coil slowly, starting with 16 Watts, then slowly moving up a few points of Wattage at a time until you reach your desired power level without exceeding 21 Watts.

WARNING: Do NOT use on a mechanical device, as 0.5 Ohms on an unregulated power source will exceed 21 Watts and you will risk burning out the Bullet Coil!

Package Includes:

  • Dee Mods BB Bridge
  • Dee Mods Flush 510 Adapter
  • 1x Pack of DDP Vape Bullet Coils (4 coils).

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