dotmod - dotAIO X, Pro Kit



An AIO that's become even MORE All-In-One!

Out of the box, the dotAIO X Basic Kit isn't too different from a dotAIO V2 at first glance, despite being slightly larger in size, along with a new button/screen layout.

Functionality-wise, the Basic dotAIO X operates very much like the dotAIO V2, albeit with regulated power limited to 60 Watts in the dotAIO X, compared to 75 Watts in the dotAIO V2. Through usage, it was found that pushing the chipset that hard with a single 18650 battery would result in drastically reduced battery life, as well as chipset life due to heat build up. Reducing the maximum power boost limit to only 60 Watts allowed for much greater usability of the chipsets, as it seemed it was very rare for users to go above this limit anyhow.

The dotAIO X eliminates wire selected temperature control, but instead, provides Power Curves.

"Auto" mode offers same anti-dry hit firing mode that the dotAIO V2 and V1 had, with regards to using the dotmod coils.

The same dotCoils that were first introduced with the dotAIO V2 are also usable in the dotAIO X.

The dotAIO X now comes with the dotAIO Tank V3, featuring a higher liquid capacity of 4.0mL compared to 2.0mL in the dotAIO Tank V2. A larger fill port now exists for easier filling, along with a larger air flow adjustment knob that is easier to adjust without removing the tank from the device. In addition, a greater air flow range is now available with the dotAIO Tank V3.

Looking at the battery section of the dotAIO X, out of the box, it accepts an 18650 battery, but upon closer inspection, the first sign of modularity of the dotAIO X reveals itself. The battery module of the dotAIO X can be separated! Held by magnets and a one-way latching system for security, the removable battery module with an integrated 1 Amp high speed USB-C charge port allows users to charge the battery on its own, without being attached to the chipset! This means two things for the future (not yet available at launch);

If the user owns a second battery module (may be available for separate sale at a future date), the user can attach that module to continue vaping, while the removed battery module charges on its own.
Possibility of 21700 or li-po battery modules in the future for higher power output and capacity.
Looking back at the tank of the dotAIO X, with the battery module removed, users can see that the tank module can be removed, and this is where the real expansions of the dotAIO X becomes apparent: Included in this Pro Kit bundle of the dotAIO X, is a Boro Tank Module, opening up availability of a huge ecosystem of various tanks, RBA's, and RTA's originally designed for the Billet Box!

Being able to accept the Billet Box Boro Tank means a massive plethora of aftermarket parts can now be used with this dotAIO system. Being an older tank design, and the first to market, it is a far more mature system in a slightly larger formfactor allowing not only for higher liquid capacity, but also larger rebuildable base atomizer designs as well as a wider variety of coils and bridges available to be used!

In the future, this tank module can further be replaced with bottom feed (squonk) modules, 510 connector modules, or even 510 SBS connector modules, allowing you further capability to use this device with more traditional RDA's, RTA's, or bottom feed atomizers! 

Replaceable Battery
Using an easily replaceable 18650 battery (not included), you can carry extra cells to ensure you have more than enough power to last you through the day while giving you long usable life of the device.

Package Contents:
1x dotAIO X
1x Boro Tank Module
1x 2.0 mL dotAIO Tank V2 e-liquid tank (PCTG) (Canada)
1x Airflow control base
1x Tank plug
1x Silicone bumper replacement
1x 0.3 Ohm coil
1x 0.7 Ohm coil
1x Drip Tip
1x Spare O-rings set
1x Boro Tank 510 Adapter/Connector tool
1x USB Type-C Charging Cable


Note: The dotAIO Tank V3 is NOT certified for sale in Canada. Canadian purchases for the dotAIO X will ship with the certified dotAIO Tank V2 instead.