dotmod - dotStick Revo, Supercapacitor-Powered Device Kit



dotStick Revo by dotmod
CRC Compliant for Canadian sale.

World’s first vape without a battery
The dotStick Revo, is the first vape to utilize a Supercapacitor instead of a lithium-ion battery. The benefits of a supercapacitor over a battery are endless, Supercapacitors can be charged and discharged over 15,000 times with minimal degradation, whereas a normal lithium-ion battery can only be charged and discharged 300 to 600 times before degradation is noticeable. This makes supercapacitors extremely useful in applications requiring frequent energy storage and release.

A new energy-storing solution
With this energy storing solution equivalent to a 700mah battery, the need for traditional batteries in the future is obsolete, Considering the supercapacitors low internal resistance, they can obtain significant charge and discharge currents. Traditional lithium batteries can take many hours to fully charge – a cell phone battery is a good example – whereas supercapacitors can reach the same charge state within minutes. The dotStick Revo can fully charge in less than 5 minutes using a >>30W charger<< (sold separately).

Vape MTL or DTL with freebase nicotine or nicotine salts with endless options. The dotStick Revo can output 5 Watts to 35 Watts of power, and utilizes any of the world-famous >>dotmod dotCoils<< rated over 0.3 ohms. Did you know the dotCoils are also compatible with the dotAIO V2 and dotTank 25mm?

The dotStick Revo comes with a clear PCTG tank and clear dotmod 510 Whistle Tip, but you can customize the tank and tip colours to match with separately purchased replacement tanks and tips:

dotmod dotStick Revo Replacement Tank
dotmod 510 Whistle Tip
Or any standard 510 drip tip can also fit
Supercapacitor equivalent to a 700mah lithium-ion battery
3.5mL capacity tank (clear PCTG)
5 Watt to 35 Watt power output range
Compatible with all 0.3 ohm or higher dotCoils
5-minute charging with 30W charger (sold separately)
Available in 6 colors (Clear, Smoke, Green, Orange, Red, and Purple)
One (1) dotStick Revo
One (1) 3.5 ml tank (PCTG), Clear. Can get different replacement coloured tanks as well.
One (1) 0.7 Ohm dotCoil (installed)
One (1) 0.9 Ohm dotCoil
One (1) dotmod 510 Whistle Tip, Short, Clear (installed)
One (1) dotmod 510 Whistle Tip, Long, Clear