Rogue by Healthy Rips




The Rogue, Protective cover, Mouthpiece with glass extraction path​, Accessories attachment, Glass mouthpiece (black), USB-C charging cord, Extra o-ring & screen, Cleaning tool, Cleaning brush, Tweezers, User manual


The Rogue from Healthy Rips is a big boy in a small box. Measuring slightly larger than their Fury Edge, it gains a significant amount of power relative to the small size increase.

The Rogue focuses on doing the simple things right. An air-path void of any electronics ensures the fidelity of your extraction air. The device also provides ample clouds, especially for its size, and is easy to use. The device is equally proficient while taking short puffs as it is with long ones, delivering high-quality extraction air from an almost exclusively convection oven, which is rare in a portable thermal extraction device

The Rogue is packing a 3000 mAh battery which allows for longer sessions at high temperatures. If you prefer to run cooler, the Rogue is a great daily driver, providing multiple days’ worth of sessions from one charge and the larger flower chamber means you'll be reloading less often too. The Rogue has a session timer that ranges from three to eight minutes and the temperature range stretches from 280-430°F. This allows you to pinpoint the temperature that will deliver the effects you’re looking for.

The Rogue uses the same accessory slot as the Fury Edge so you can use any accessories you’ve already purchased for the Edge. This slot also unlocks the potential to use water pipe adapters and bubblers to cool your extraction air.