When Ispire released the Wand earlier this year, users loved its ability to vaporize concentrate, and many appreciated that it worked as a DynaVap induction heater as well, but it wasn't a perfect fit. Well, we heard you and are now bringing you DynaVap Insert Cups for the Wand!

Now although using it as a DynaVap heater wasn’t super difficult, it was a little clumsy and required more attention than one would want to give. This Insert Cup was made with the DynaVap in mind and fits it snugly.  The Cups are also made of pure glass to maintain the purity and fidelity of the Ispire Wand.

The DynaVap now fits into the cup perfectly; you no longer need to keep an eye on it and can use it totally hands free.  Just drop it in so that it’s naturally resting on the edge and you’re off to the races!

We love letting the DynaVap sit in the Insert Cup for a few seconds after the ‘click’ for extra thick clouds, and it’s now easier to accomplish than ever. If you have an Ispire Wand and are using it with a DynaVap, this is an absolute no brainer. Add benefit and make your devices easier to use with the Wand with a Glass DynaVap Insert Cup.


Wand not included.