The Gnarly Stem for DynaVap is a serious looking stem that provides serious cooling action. The Gnarly Stem is made from a clear thick glass that is a full 6" in length for huge vapor path extension. It features a broad glass nipple pattern to disrupt the flow of the vapor and further increase the length of the vapor pathway, giving you cooling that is tough to match in other stems. A carb/shotgun hole near the tip allows for easy clearing of the stem and a comfortable inhale for every resistance preference. The Gnarly Stem is also an elegant piece of glass that feels good in your hand. It's cool, in every sense of the word.

** DynaVap Tip NOT included.

Key features:
- Broad glass nipples disrupt the vapor flow and add surface area to provide additional cooling
- 6" total length for vapor pathway extension
- Effective cooling without needing to add water
- Carb/shotgun hole near tip for a comfortable draw
- Add the purity of glass to your DynaVap

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