Hellfire Exocet V2



EXOCET V2, the much awaited successor to the EXO, it's been a while coming but we think it's well worth the wait.
With a more spacious oval deck allowing bigger builds at the same time having a lower chamber to keep that nice dense flavor.
Lowered deck for better wicking and seperate air tubes so that you can build to suit your own preferences.

The EXOCET V2 will come as standard with 3 x air tubes, 1mm, 2mm and 3.3mm, there will also be alternative air tubes available as extra's and an MTL crank and air tube kit that can adjust from 1 x .8mm to 3 x .8mm that can be purchased separately.

All in all we think a great improvement of choices from the OG Exo

Materials: 304 Stainless steel

Made to fit the standard Boro and compatible with other devices than the Billet box that take the standard boro 

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