Mad Lips - 60ml [Freebase Nicotine]




Tropical Fruit Punch . A fresh and citrus drink, that carries a juicy mouth feel and succulent body rounded by citrus and sweet notes. Passion fruits, Oranges, Mangos and Tangerines, mixed in a fresh drink.

Mad Mex :

Cactus and Lime. A juicy and fresh mix, with a green, herbal and juicy taste coming from the cactus, and the citrusness from fresh squeezed sweet lemons and limes, that will trigger unique sensations never found in other blends. 

Mad Passion: 

Passion Fruit Mousse.  A Fine line between Juicy and Creamy, Sweet and Tart, Dessert and Fruity, Mad Passion has a creamy mouth feel, that blends in with a juicy passion fruit, not overly sweet, but definitely Tart and Tropical, based on a Brazilian dessert.

Berry Bears: 

Mixed berries Jelly Candy. Juicy mouth feel, with candied body, it’s a mix of blue raspberry, cherry, strawberry, and other kinds of candied berries, that pop on your pallet reminding a really famous Jelly candy that can not be mistaken. 

"All of our liquids carries a low amount of sweetener, so your coils can last longer."

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