Pioneer RTA DL (Direct Lung) Extension Pack BP Mods



The pack proposes several pieces for the atomiser to transform the Pioneer RTA by BP Mods into a DL atomise so you can vape in direct inhaling. You can find in this kit 2 connection pins which offers a more ample aeration under the coil of the Pioneer RTA. With an opening diameter connection of 2mm and 2.9mm. A large atomisation chamber increases the volume of vapor and has a beautiful drip tip in steel and Ultem offering an ample aspiration.

The Pioneer RTA DL Extension Pack is made by BP Mods.


With the DL extension pack, it is possible to transform the Pioneer RTA into a DL atomiser for a vape which is full of flavour and in direct inhaling.

This is a complete accessories pack and has spare pieces which composes 2 connection pins which has openings of 2mm and 2.9mm. The pins have the advantage to be easily installed without having to empty the reservoir or disassemble the Pioneer RTA.

A large atomisation chamber, large chimney, a drip tip in Ultem are included and offers an ideal aspiration for the production of vapor.

The Pioneer RTA DL Extension Pack is delivered with:

  • 1 Pioneer RTA atomiser chamber
  • 1 2 mm connection pin
  • 1 2,9 mm connection pin
  • 1 Ultem drip-tip
  • 1 Changeable joints kit

The Pioneer RTA DL Extension Pack is made by BP Mods.

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