United Chaos RDA Black

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United Chaos RDA

Another RDA?! Well, there's always room for improvement!

The United Chaos RDA was painstakingly designed to offer a vape that everyone deserves to experience. With airflow that will max out even the highest capacity of lungs if wanted and all of that airflow is completely directed at the coil for increased flavor meaning this RDA was born to please all styles of vaping.

The core philosophy behind the Chaos was to have airflow circling a dual coil set up in it's entirety instead of one adjustable airflow port on either side of the RDA. This meant airflow through the center post itself as well as airflow around the outside of the coil. This ultimately made for a machining challenge but anything truly worth doing will always come at a cost.

We packed as much airflow into this RDA as we could while still allowing full adjust-ability. At it's minimum, airflow will only flow through the center post and slightly in from the outside.

Two airflow slots on each side allow for a pin/ screwdriver/ whatever you use to wrap your coils on to be placed while tightening the coils. This ensures precise positioning of the coils in which the airflow will hit directly onto the center of the coil.

A deep juice well (.250"/ 6.35mm enclosed well below airflow holes) allows for plenty of cotton and juice to feed even the thirstiest of coils/ vapers.

The Deck itself is made from 303 Stainless Steel. The entire positive connection from the adjustable 5-10 Connection up through the Positive Post itself is made from Brass which is then gold plated. This ensures the best connection possible all in a food safe environment.

The Top Cap was made from 6061 Aluminum which was then Hardcoated for a scratch resistant finish that will hold up in the toughest environments.

Included is a custom made screw driver with a .050" hex driver on the end which all of the Chaos's connections consist of. All threads on the device are 4-40.

All components undergo a Two Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning process which consists of being washed in Distilled Water/ Dish Soap followed by a separate Distilled Water only cleaning to ensure that these RDA's are 100% clean and ready to go out of the package.

Above is a halved section of the RDA showing how the airflow works that comes through the positive post. This rendering is not 100% accurate to the actual product, we prefer to spend our time machining products, not making pretty models.

*There is a no non sense Lifetime Warranty on this product. If you have a problem with the manufacturing of this product just get in touch with us and we will take care of it. We cannot warranty normal wear and tear of the RDA.

*Note: While we try our best to avoid them, small scratches/ dents may occur during the manufacturing process. We will never knowingly ship a defective product but will pass parts that have small visual defects if we determine that they don't affect the products use

Dimension .975" (24.7mm) x 2.250" (57.15mm)

very very limited quantity!!!!
100% Made in USA
100% Gold Plated Positive Post and 510 Connection
.097" (2.5mm) Post Holes
Hardcoated Top Cap for ultimate durability
360° Adjustable Airflow
Airflow through Center Post
No airflow ports at bottom of Deck to minimize/eliminate leaking
Efficient Airflow Design reduces noise while vaping
Adjustable 510 Connection
Ultem 1000 Plastic Insert separates positive/ negative charge
Deep Juice Well (.250"/ 6.35mm enclosed well below airflow holes)
All components undergo Two Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning prior to assembling

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