PROTEUS PROGEKS NOOB BOX 18350 (Boro Tanks Not Included)



The NOOB Box by Proteus Progeks

Power is supplied via a single 18350, perfect for lower power setups and MTL setups.

Power safety features, switch activation, and button lock functions are all controlled via the Infiniohm SwitchFET v2.5 MOSFET chip set that is encased in a module.

The MOSFET module can be swapped out for an Evolv DNA60 module at a later time (currently in development), which will become available for separate purchase.

Available with a Black frame.

Note: Boro Tank is NOT included in this sale, and must be sourced separately. We are currently awaiting a shipment of these to arrive.

Note: May not accept all condensation plugs.

Infiniohm SwitchFET V2.5 Features:

  • Lock/Unlock: 5 clicks
  • Stealth Mode: 3 clicks (while unlocked)
  • Practically zero power consumption when not switched. Idle current typical 1.3μA max 3.3μA
  • Incorporates a voltage supervisory circuit which monitors input voltage
  • Voltage cut off when voltage falls below 2.7 Volts
  • Reverse polarity protection on board. Will cause atomizer to auto fire if the cell is installed in reverse.
  • Maximum 50 Amp limit through its 100 Amp MOSFET. Power limited for protection

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