The Sneaky Pete Globe™ is our first custom piece, designed to provide functional, quality, and affordable glass for everyone. Custom built by a high-end manufacturer, the Globe features a versatile 14mm female joint that words natively with all of our adapters and a huge variety of others.

The included whip features a 14mm male joint on one end, and a glass tip on the other (much better mouthfeel than plastic), while the included glass mouthpiece provides a great alternative way to use it. ThSneaky Pete Globe™ is now my go-to piece and I find it has the perfect volume of water for vaporizer use.


Key Features:

    - The Globe stands approximately 4" high
    - Each joint on the piece is 14mm female
    - Includes a glass mouthpiece, a whip, glass tip, and 14mm male adapter
    - Super versatile, use with vaporizers, bangers, or traditional bowls
    - Perfect volume of water for vaporizer use
    - Base is very stable, will work with almost any vaporizer
    - Great bubble dispersion and water filtration


    *Vaporizer in image not included***