Perfectly Square Competition Wire (304 Stainless Steel)



Technical Wire Specifications
- Cold formed
- 304 Stainless steel
- 22 Gauge ("0.0255 square)
- 0.89 Ohms per foot resistance

Features and Benefits:
- Extremely durable and long lasting material, Hard and crisp 90° edges
- Increased flavor and vapor due to increase of available surface area
- Square cross section allows for multiple variations in coil wrapping technique
- Square cross section allows for single strands of wire to be twisted along their own axis
- Decreased ramp-up and cool-down time compared to wires and builds of similar resistance

Final Notes:
- We do not believe in hiding what is in our wire from anyone, the composition of our wire is the same material breakdown as 304 Stainless Steel that is used in the food service industry however the cold forming process changes the molecular structure slightly.
- After the cold forming is completed we heat treat the wire to remove some of the springiness so that packaging is possible, prior to heat treatment the wire is nearly impossible to coil into anything smaller than a 6" diameter!

**We do not have plans to bring anything other than this specific 22GA wire to market, due to the cold forming it is unbelievably difficult to deal with prior to heat treatment and is very difficult to keep from twisting as is, this would make a smaller wire much more labor intensive as it would be even harder to keep straight and much more costly to produce. Always remember to PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN HANDLING as the wire ends are very sharp and the square shape provides a number of sharp points that can pierce skin, be mindful and use the appropriate tools to bend and hold the wire, please don't forget always wear safety goggles when cutting any wire!**


Stainless Steel 304/316 series. Safety rating- 95 (A+). SS has been used in medical procedures for years, though only recently has found its way into vaping coils. This is also the type of steel used in cookware. Why? Because it has a very high melting point (2400-2750 degrees F), and the questionable alloys in the steel (nickel being the biggest of concern) also require a high amount of heat (2200-2300 degrees F) before they begin to leach. I don’t know any mainstream vaping device that can reach those levels. Stainless Steel also brings a few added bonuses to the table. 304, 316, and 317 (welding wire, also known as GPlat in the community) contains enough nickel so where it can be used in a temperature controlled device. The only downside is it can be a bit tough to work with as it’s a little stiffer than any of the other metals on this list save titanium.

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