The smallest regulated high powered dual 18650 on the market is back, and better than ever. The Double Barrel V2.1 has an increased maximum output of 150W, while retaining the small form factor that makes it so appealing. Squid Industries has kept the unique multi-functional switch, which acts as a firing button as well as a rotary dial to adjust the output power. The feedback from the dial is excellent, as it clicks into place with each wattage increment, and clicks firmly when firing. New additions include the ability to lock the wattage, preventing any accidental adjustment of output, as well as the top mounted LCD screen which displays wattage, resistance, and battery level. The Double Barrel V2.1 does not have any temperature modes, making it simple and intuitive to operate, with no extra frills. The build quality is rock-solid, and the sleek, minimalist frame can take a licking and keep on ticking due to its simple design. A powerhouse that can take a beating, the Double Barrel V2.1 is perfect for anyone who is rough on their vaporizer but wants a top-tier device. 


  • New top LCD display
  • Variable wattage (0-150 watts)
  • Multi-function fire switch (adjusts wattage, locks wattage, power on and off, flips
  • screen)
  • 24mm
  • 510 connection
  • Safety features such as reverse battery polarity, and short circuit, and overheat protection
  • Wattage and battery level indication lights
  • 2x 18650 battery slots

  • 1x Double Barrel 150W box mod
  • 1x User manual

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