SVA Mod - "SVA-X Engraved Squonk Mod "Cement Pattern" ***FREE SVA-X Battery Tube, Carbon Fiber $175 Value!***

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The SVA-X by SVA Mod is Bomber Pro MOSFET module controlled, single cell 18650, bottom feed regulated mod that is made in Italy.

Note: Due to the unique and somewhat organic patterns on these Engraved body SVA-X, the particular unit you receive may not look exactly identical to the one shown in these photos. These photos are only a representation of the pattern style you will receive if you choose this model.

The SVA-X is powered by the Bomber Pro MOSFET module, providing users with fast ramp up times and safety protection features such as lock/unlock, short circuit protection, reverse-polarity protection, and support down to 0.20 Ohms.

Note: The status indicator LED's on the Bomber Pro MOSFET are only visible on SVA-X versions with clear buttons. Any information in this listing about the status indicator bi-colour LED on the Bomber Pro MOSFET used in this device are only listed as a MOSFET-level feature, and the light is only visible on clear button versions of the SVA-X.

Incredibly small and ergonomic, the SVA-X is one of the best MOSFET powered mods of 2018, thanks to its incredibly small size, ergonomic fit, powerful performance, and excellent build quality.

The SVA-X features one of the newest innovations to the SVA line of mods: a built-in 510 adjustment tool that hides beside the bottle, accessible from the bottom of the mod. No longer are you left scrambling to find a tiny screwdriver to adjust your 510 center pin screw height!

The battery tube of the SVA-X can be easily swapped out to different battery tubes to change out the look of your setup. When screwing the battery tube in to the mod, ensure you do NOT over-tighten the battery tube, or you may damage your mod. Only screw the tube in till it fits SNUG.

The SVA-X includes ONE Original Italian SuperSoft 8.5mL bottle, but additional bottles can be purchased separately >>HERE<<. Be aware, that the SVA-X can NOT properly fit the thicker hoses that come with most silicone bottles these days.

Note: When you receive your mod, the body may appear wet with a liquid. This is 100% VG that has been applied to the body for transport, and it keeps the media blasted black Delrin body looking rich and lustrous, as it will look chalky and grey when it is dry. From time to time, you may re-condition the body by wiping it with 100% vegetable glycerine to maintain the rich black look to it.

The 510 connector is a custom made design by SVA, and it has quickly become recognized as one of the best and most solid manually adjustable pin connectors on the market, especially for regulated mods. Fully constructed of stainless steel for clean liquid transport, the center pin of this connector is reverse threaded and adjusted manually by the user. Turn it clockwise to raise it, and anti-clockwise to lower it.

Despite the safety features offered by the Bomber Pro Dual MOSFET, care is still required in regards to battery safety. A battery that can output a continuous discharge rating of minimum 20 Amps is still recommended, and it is best recommended to loosen the battery contact to disconnect the power source when the device is not in use overnight or for prolonged periods of time.

Warning: Despite the safety features offered by the Bomber Pro Dual MOSFET, you should keep the MOSFET board clear of any liquid build up at all time, as auto firing may occur, as with any mod. When your device is left unattended and not in use, it is highly recommended to always disconnect your atomizer and/or battery, for all mods!

Bi-colour LED built into the Bomber Pro Dual MOSFET chip provides data and status information to the user.

The Bomber Pro chip also allows users to lock and unlock the chip for safe carrying in your pocket via 3 quick clicks to lock or unlock.

    Dual MOSFET Bomber Pro Mod
    Dimensions: 74 x 42 x 25mm
    Media blasted black Delrin body
    Stainless steel battery tube (changeable)
    Power/firing/status LED indicator
    LED indicator stealth option

Package Includes:

    SVA-X Bomber Pro Dual MOSFET squonk mod
    1x Original Italian SuperSoft Bottle, 8.5mL

Notes Before Using:

    Wash bottle, cap, and hose thoroughly before initial use.
    Use 18650 batteries that are compatible for vaping use. Vapes by Enushi recommends any cell with a minimum Continuous Discharge Rating of 20 Amps. DO NOT use batteries that have worn or broken wraps. Our best recommended battery is the >>SONY VTC5A<<.
    When the mod is not in use, turn on the safety switch lock by pressing the switch three times to avoid accidental firing.
    When the mod is not in use overnight, or for long periods of time, disconnect the power source by loosening the battery cap.
    18650 battery is inserted positive UP. If you accidentally insert the battery upside-down (with the negative up), the mod will begin auto firing to indicate reverse-polarity.

Omega Vaper's Bomber Pro Dual MOSFET Chip Specifications:

    Dual colour LED indicator
    3 clicks to lock or unlock
    5 clicks to enter/exit Stealth mode
    Atomizer short protection (flashing blue lights)
    Battery low indicator
    Battery protection cuts off power when operating below 2.65v
    12 second fire time cut off
    Reverse polarity protection (auto fires device if battery inserted upside-down)
    Minimum 0.2 Ohm builds recommended

LED Readout Legend:

    Red and blue fast cycle (looks purple): Firing
    Fast blue flashing: No Atomizer detected
    Red and blue flashing alternately for 3 times: Lock or unlock engaged
    Fast red flashing: Short circuit protection
    Slow flash red and fixed blue LED: Low battery warning - at 3.0V under load
    Fast blinking red and slow blue: at 2.65V under load. Cut-off protection occuring


    Media/bead/sand-blasted Delrin bodies, such as the one featured on this mod, tends to look dry, grey/white, and/or "chalky" when it goes dry, and can show dirt and scratches easily when left without maintenance. Clean and restore the surface finish of this matte black Delrin body by moisturizing it from time to time with 100% VG (vegetable glycerine).
    For best performance, keep the battery cap threads clean, to prevent oxidation build-up which adds resistance to the circuit. To minimize oxidation as well as to maximize performance, we recommend applying >>NO-OX-ID A-Special Electrical Grease<< to the battery cap threads and the battery tube threads.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mechanical MODs are an ADVANCED USER PRODUCT and should NOT be used by ANYONE without the proper knowledge on your Battery's Amp Limit and how to test your Atomizer's resistance. Please note that we do NOT offer any warranty or exchanges on any mechanical MODs due to the nature of this product. DOA warranty ONLY! Please be careful when disassembling your MOD, as some parts may be fragile and require extra care. We check each MOD before they are shipped out to you and we are NOT responsible for any parts lost by you.

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