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Dual MOSFET Bomber Pro Mod
Dimensions: 74 x 42 x 25mm
Media blasted black Delrin body
Stainless steel battery tube (changeable)
Power/firing/status LED indicator
LED indicator stealth option
Package Includes:
SVA-X Bomber Pro Dual MOSFET squonk mod
1x Original Italian SuperSoft Bottle, 8.5mL

Omega Vaper's Bomber Pro Dual MOSFET Chip Specifications:
Dual colour LED indicator
3 clicks to lock or unlock
5 clicks to enter/exit Stealth mode
Atomizer short protection (flashing blue lights)
Battery low indicator
Battery protection cuts off power when operating below 2.65v
12 second fire time cut off
Reverse polarity protection (auto fires device if battery inserted upside-down)
Minimum 0.2 Ohm builds recommended.

Red and blue fast cycle (looks purple): Firing
Fast blue flashing: No Atomizer detected
Red and blue flashing alternately for 3 times: Lock or unlock engaged
Fast red flashing: Short circuit protection
Slow flash red and fixed blue LED: Low battery warning - at 3.0V under load
Fast blinking red and slow blue: at 2.65V under load. Cut-off protection occuring

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