Vapes by Enushi x Novaboxco - "Flush Mount 510 Adapter for Delro and Billet Box Rev4"



Flush Mount 510 Adapter for Delro and Billet Box Rev4 by Vapes by Enushi x Novaboxco

This Flush Mount 510 Adapter is made by Vapes by Enushi in collaboration with Novaboxco, and allows users to flush mount larger diameter drip tips to either their Delro, Billet Box Rev 4, or other compatible style devices.

Based on the original discontinued version by Dee Mods, used with permission.

This adapter sits lower than flush (sub-flush) on some setups to ensure flush drip tip fitment across a greater range of RBA / bridge setups.

Made of stainless steel on Swiss lathes 100% in Canada while pouring maple syrup on our pancakes and bacon.

Note: This adapter is designed to only fit AUTHENTIC Billet Boxes. No guarantees will be made regarding fitment to clones.

Images of connector shown on devices is for demonstration only. These devices are not included in this sale. This listing is only for the 510 Flush Mount Connector.