Zero Boro by Sunbox [18650 Battery Tube]



Zero Boro by Sunbox

Zero Boro is available for 18650 battery, compatible with BB Boro Tank (not included)

Sunbox, an historical figure of Italian modding, master in Bottom Feeder, has this time created an electro box on the principle of the famous Bilelt Box. Recognized in Italy and beyond, Sunbox has established itself as a reference over the years. By working with aluminium as well as wood or carbon, he brings us his latest creations, just after the UFO Zero Nega: the Zero Boro!

Taking exactly the same concept as the Bicket Box (from the manufacturer Billet Box Vapor), Sunbox adapts it to its standards.

To use the Zero Boro, you will absolutely need a Boro Tank. And an atomizer dedicated to this Boro tank.

A door closes the access to the Boro tank, while allowing the liquid level to appear. And a drip tip system makes contact and holds the Boro tank. As on his illustrious model. A control screen is located under the box. And the switch, Sunbox's trademark, on the faceplate below.

Where Billet Box Vapor has always been faithful to Evolv and its DNA, Sunbox is based on another chipset idea.......the Dicodes Extreme v3!

Dicodes Extreme V3 board -

5 to 60W with one Li-Ion battery

- Adjustable 24k plated 510-threaded center pin

- Adjustable battery discharge level 2.5-3V

- Up to 12V output voltage

- Up to 20A output current

- Temperature controlled vaping mode

- Mechanical MOD mode (electronically overload protected)

- 10 Power boost modes

- 10 Heater protection modes

- Atomizer resistance range 0.05 to 5 Ohms, total range

- Atomizer resistance range for 60W: 0.17-2.1 Ohms

- Reverse battery protection

- Versatile easy to use menu structure

- Individual user preferences selection


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